Tea culture in Japan

Tea is a way of life in Japan. Restaurants serve complimentary hot tea the way ice water is provided in US restaurants. Green tea is the most common, but I did experience hot barley tea a couple times. During a tour of Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, we stopped by a tea shop and learned […]

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Credit cards in Japan? Nope

Traveling throughout North America and Europe, just about everywhere you go, credit cards seem to be accepted. What I recently experienced in Japan was quite different. As high tech as Japan may be with high speed trains, futuristic toilets and taxis with auto open doors, they can be quite behind others with credit card usability. […]

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Toilet obsession

Welcome to Japan – a toilet culture. I thought I knew what to expect, hearing about some of the high tech toilets. However, I was not expecting the complete utter obsession with toilets. First at the airport, the hotel, but then the stores and public facilities – everyone of them had these high tech toilets. […]

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