View airplanes landing and taking off from your hotel window

My travels this week took me to London, where I decided to stay at the Renaissance Hotel at Heathrow Airport. I know what you are thinking? However, airport hotels are necessary when you have a 7:00 am flight the next day and would rather sleep than stress out in traffic. The Renaissance Hotel is just outside Heathrow airport and a majority of the hotel rooms directly face the nearby runway. There are spectacular views all day of airplanes landing and taking off. The hotel does a good job of providing a nice view without any of the noise – none at all. Better yet, the rooms are comfortable and the front desk service was great. If you have status with Marriott or SPG, request a room on the 3rd floor (with a view) and access the Executive Lounge for breakfast, drinks and snacks throughout the day.

TIP – from Heathrow airport you can take the Hotel Hoppa bus to reach the hotel in a few minutes for only 5 GBP – cash only. I tried this option first with a credit card, the bus had a machine, but the driver tells me that it never works. We tried and as predicted, it did not work. So I called an Uber to take me to the hotel.



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