Old city charm in an entirely rebuilt Warsaw

I had certain expectations arriving to Warsaw this week. I expected to see a very old city, with remnants of WW2 destruction and decrepit communist-era concrete buildings. I was very surprised to see a completely rebuilt and inviting modern city. Modern hotels – Westin, Marriott, Intercontinental, Sofitel are found throughout the urban areas. Many English speakers and friendly to help you. Skyscrapers that house offices for Samsung, Toys R Us, McDonalds all over the city. Green parks spotted in between the business parks.

WW2 brought unbelievable destruction to this city and it was completely rebuilt after the war. There is a very charming Old Town in Warsaw that looks 100s of years old, but was carefully rebuilt to preserve the look and feel before the war. I found the city quiet and safe to walk around at night. Best of all, Warsaw prices for hotel, food and drink is significantly less than the prices you will see in the other major European capital cities. An appetizer and entree dinner with a couple of local craft beers will likely be under $20.

TIP – In Polish ‘woda’ means water and ‘wodka’ means vodka. Only 1 letter separates these 2 words. I suggest you do not confuse them šŸ™‚



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