Who wants to visit the Kit Kat store in Tokyo?

Let me begin by sharing that we are huge fans of Kit Kat chocolate wafer candies. I travel to the UK and always look to bring home a bag of orange flavored Kit Kats for the family – delicious. I heard about the many different flavors of Kit Kats that may be offered in Japan, but I didn’t know they had a free-standing store selling nothing but this!

We had just finished a walking tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market and were strolling over to the Ginza area to explore. As we neared the Matsuya department store we were stunned to see this… IMG_0149

So what’s a free standing Kit Kat store all about? As you may imagine they are selling around 20 different varieties of Kit Kats, but these are sold in fancy sets as if you may be buying Godiva chocolates. An assortment of flavors package of 8 wrapped bars went for ~1500y. The various flavors included butter, green tea & kinako, pistachio raspberry, strawberry maple, pistachio grapefruit and several more. The store also had a small exhibit on the history of Kit Kat. Credit cards were not accepted.

We later also stumbled across a Kit Kat kiosk in the food hall basement of the Takashimaya store in Shinjuku. Similar items and prices to what we saw in the Ginza free standing store.

Tip – You will find a few flavors of Kit Kats in bags (usually 12 bars per bag) in most convenience and department stores for much lower prices than this Kit Kat store. The common flavors were raspberry and green tea – and both were just as good as the flavors in this Kit Kat store.

Tip – In Shibuya, Don Quixote, a well-known and very large souvenir store has about 10 flavors of Kit Kats for sale. Costs are higher than the grocery stores, but much less than the Ginza store.  Here we found sake and Easter flavored bars. What’s the Easter flavor taste like? I’m still trying to figure this one out – kinda like the taste of a Cadbury Easter egg as a Kit Kat bar.


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