Toilet obsession

Welcome to Japan – a toilet culture. I thought I knew what to expect, hearing about some of the high tech toilets. However, I was not expecting the complete utter obsession with toilets. First at the airport, the hotel, but then the stores and public facilities – everyone of them had these high tech toilets. These gizmos had a music button to push so that no one else would hear your toilet business. The seats had warmers in them that can be adjusted to your preference. Of course, front and rear bidets for cleaning. Another button would be for a deodorizer spray. These high tech toilets were everywhere!

Although all the public bathrooms had these high tech toilets, few had any hand soap and almost none had any paper towels or hand dryers. You wash your hands and then shake them dry as you leave the bathroom. Again as alluded to in previous posts, there are no trash cans inside of public restrooms, so there would be no place to dispose of paper towels or tissues. These public bathrooms were also usually spotless clean.

Travel tip – Carry hand sanitizer and a towel or handkerchief with you as you will often not find soap or paper towels in the bathrooms.


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