How is Japan so incredibly clean?

Tokyo is the largest city in the world, yet it is also one of the cleanest. Surprisingly, there are no trash cans anywhere. So what happens to all the trash from 37 million people? Because there are no trash cans people simply take their trash with them and throw it away when they make it to home or office. The culture in Japan is one where everyone sees it as their city, their park, their train station and so it is their duty to keep this as clean as they would their own home or office. People take great pride in the cleanliness of their cities.

Travel Tip – convenience stores such as 7-Eleven can be found on every corner in Tokyo, Osaka and throughout Japan. The c-stores all have trash and recycling cans just inside their front doors. These stores are also great spots for high quality, delicious and cheap prepared foods – delivered fresh multiple times each day. Try an egg salad sandwich and rice ball for a quick meal on the go.



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